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altınYuva – The golden nest

Our name arose from the deep feeling of creating a magical place of encounter.

A place where everyone is allowed to feel at home and invited to rekindle their own inner radiance.

The loving connection to this land and its people left us with no doubt for a single second that we should choose a Turkish word-combination for this joint project.

where & why

Spiritual Power Places & Portals

Bring yourself into your power and heal through the support of magical places and our individual guidance.

The natural space

Experience the elements, nutrient-rich soils, and healthy food, beautiful beaches and clear water, breathe and recharge.

The place and the house

Recover, enjoy your free time with us, embark on your very own, individual journey, and experience pure joy.


are Ali Onur and Melanie Wurm - two people who, seemingly and due to their life paths, could not be more different. We have used this very diversity to our advantage and combine all our skills to be able to offer a unique experience to anyone who feels called.


Melanie Wurm

Life artist
Communication researcher & Humanities scholar
Tattoo artist

Some time ago, I relocated my life to the Western Turkey and would like to invite people to utilize this space to actively reconnect with their inherent power. The natural environment, the vibrations of this land and place support natural processes within the body and release your individual life force.

In addition to organizing around the house, arranging your stay, or planning your own seminar, I'll show you the surroundings, the spirit, and the vitality of the Aegean region. My craft is tattooing - decorating the body, expressing your individuality under the skin, and also energetically creating and placing the design for you.

Through my own experiences, I learned to use my mental strength constructively for myself and others, to bring clarity to certain patterns, and to uncover entanglements.

My ability is to intuitively perceive any structures openly and in their complexity. I challenge you, I provide you with impulses to see yourself better.

I can be a guide for you, back to your radically (Latin radix - root, origin) honest essence to recognize and love yourself again in your inherent beauty.

Dr. Ali Achim Onur

Medial coach Energetic
healing methods

Western Turkey boasts numerous hidden power spots, mystical healing sites from antiquity, high-vibrational, therapeutic natural spaces that have been sought for millennia for the resolution of illnesses, mental burdens, and the strengthening of life forces.

I also utilize these special places, which possess a high level of earth intelligence, to activate and enhance one's own intuitive potential and its high-vibrational energy field.

My task is to guide each individual with their unique consciousness to their appropriate natural vibrational field, so that they can locate themselves within this special space to connect with the impressive nature entities.

As a result, old imprints, blockages, and toxic life constellations can be liberated. The individual comes into harmony with their spiritual primordial identity and gains clarity for their life path.

Harness the power of the elements…

Forgotten places...

...where healing and consciousness have been practiced for millennia.

Unlock and experience...

...the gates to yourself, shed attachments and imprints, and tap into your inherent power that has always been there.

Feel your essence...

...and connect through these places with your pure heart energy. Certain places have always been sought for healing and revive the natural flow of life within us again.

Experience us up close!

Individual Travels

Enjoy Turkey, alone - as a couple or in a group. We arrange your stay exactly according to your preferences. 

Consciousness Journeys

Find your inner strength, heal your entire system on all levels, and learn how to love and live yourself in your inherent power. 

Seminar Offer

Check out our offer or experience this place as a therapist, seminar leader, or coach of your very own group.

We are not to be equated with a hotel or guesthouse - we have created something that should feel like arriving and taking a breath for you - feel free, be yourself, and enjoy this wonderful place in understanding company that best fulfills all your wishes and needs.

Situated amidst the natural landscape of the Aegean West Turkey near the emerald-green shining sea with various beach structures, this place offers you pure relaxation. Surrounded by traditionally used agriculture of local small farmers, we have created a space that invites you to rest in our well-kept garden area, surrounded by Mediterranean fruit trees, or to sunbathe by the pool.

Our spacious natural stone house has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a shared lounge, and a large fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, all located on one level. Its large windows, pleasant room height, and the Mediterranean flair of the architecture create a bright atmosphere and optimal room climate.

In about 10-15 minutes, you can reach the lively port city of Çeşme or the artist and craftsman town of Alaçatı where you can shop, celebrate, or simply experience the culinary delights of Turkish cuisine with all your senses.

We invite you to experience individually guided trips to special power places, exploring and connecting with nature, and experiencing culinary treasures, wineries, and ancient recipes that will invite your palate to dance with our guidance.

Whether in family outing mode with loved ones, as a team in workshops, yoga retreats, fasting cures, silent seminars, herbalism, or art courses - we offer a place of endless possibilities and encounters - an oasis of enjoyment-filled, holistic quality of life.

Simply have your individual offer created and experience Turkey up close, whether as a short break to catch your breath or as a therapist, seminar leader, or coach of your very own group.


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